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About Us

Hi! I am Marcy, I have been a professional photographer  for over a decade. I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and I am  member of the Professional Photographers of America. Photography is the first and only job that I have always been excited to go to. I love creating artwork. I love making documenting stories people want to share about their lives. I have worked in a variety of studios in my years of experience & now is the time to let my creativity go and shoot outside the camera room box!
I just want to have fun and create beautiful artistic treasures for my customers. Most sessions with Your Thousand Words are between 1 to 2 hours, some more, some less. If we need to take a little break, change outfits, touch up hair or make up, it’s ok. I want to make sure you get what you are looking for. Please contact me with any questions comments or just to chat.   Call 540.810.7294 Email marcy@yourthousandwords.com or find me on facebook, Marcy Eicholtz. Whatever way you prefer!